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Date Submitted: Sep 28, 2017
Open Peer Review Period: Sep 28, 2017 - Nov 23, 2017

NOTE: This is an unreviewed Preprint

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Usability Testing of a Mobile Application to Support Caregivers' Tasks at the Patient's Bedside

  • Frederic Ehrler; 
  • Thomas Weinhold; 
  • Jonathan Joe; 
  • Christian Lovis; 
  • Katherine Blondon



The introduction of clinical information systems (CIS) has increased the amount of clinical documentation. Although this documentation generally improves patient safety, it has become a time-consuming task for nurses, which limits their time with the patient. Based on a user-centered methodology, we have developed a mobile application, named BEDSide Mobility, to support nurses in their daily workflow and to facilitate documentation at the bedside.


The aim of the study was to assess the usability of the BEDSide Mobility app in terms of the navigation and interaction design.


Nurses were asked to complete a scenario reflecting their daily work with patients. Their interactions with the app were captured with eye-tracking glasses and by using the “think aloud” protocol. After completing the tasks, participants filled out the system usability scale questionnaire (SUS). Descriptive statistics were used to summarize task completion rates and the users’ performance.


A total of 10 nurses (ages 21-50) participated in the study. Overall, they were satisfied with the navigation, layout and interaction design of the app, with the exception of one user who was unfamiliar with smartphones. The problems identified concerned the ambiguity of some icons and the navigation logic.


The participants’ results indicate a good usability, high acceptance and high satisfaction with the developed app.