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Date Submitted: Oct 3, 2017
Open Peer Review Period: Oct 3, 2017 - Nov 28, 2017 (Under Review)

NOTE: This is an unreviewed Preprint

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Mobile applications dealing with Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review

  • Sonia Estevez-Martin; 
  • M. Emilia Cambronero; 
  • Yolanda García-Ruiz; 
  • Luis Llana



Numerous PD-related applications have been developed in recent years, particularly for the major operating systems: Android and iOS. Besides, there is not a single application that covers all aspects of the Parkinson's Disease. In fact, different symptoms are treated with very different apps.


Our goal is to carry out a systematic review of available apps related with PD for the operating systems iOS and Android. In addition, our goal is also to classify the apps according to their approach to the disease.


We searched the term “Parkinson” in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. After sieving non PD-related apps, we examined the PD apps to assess their features of usability and to classify in different categories depending on the symptoms that are treated or the therapy that is applied.


The number of free apps (72.2%) is significantly higher than paid apps (27.8%) and price of paid apps differ slightly between the operating systems. Apps rated by Android users (82.7%) are more than apps rated by iOS users (26.1%) and in general apps have a good rating. There is no correlation between price and valuation by users. With respect to the distribution of the classification, apps focused on motion and tremor and apps dedicated to health professionals and researchers are the most downloaded.


This study evidences that the development of the applications dedicated to the PD is quite parallel in both systems. Additionally, we have performed a comparative market analysis considering operating systems, acquisition costs, popularity or user rating, and the distribution in the classification.

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