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Currently submitted to: JMIR mHealth and uHealth

Date Submitted: Jun 17, 2019
Open Peer Review Period: Jun 20, 2019 - Aug 15, 2019
(currently open for review)

Mobile phone apps’ support for people with mild dementia: A systematic review

  • Leona Cilar; 
  • Lucija Gosak; 
  • Amanda Briggs; 
  • Klavdija Čuček Trifkovič; 
  • Tracy McClelland; 
  • Nino Fijačko; 
  • Štiglic Gregor



Dementia is a general term for various disorders characterized by memory impairment and loss of at least one cognitive domain. People with dementia are faced with different difficulties in their daily life activities (DLA). With the use of modern technologies, such as mobile phone apps – often called health apps, their difficulties can be alleviated.


The aim of this paper was to systematically search, analyze and synthetize mobile phone apps designed to support people with mild dementia in daily life activities in two apps bases: Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


A search was conducted in May 2019 following PRISMA recommendations. Results were analyzed and displayed as tables and graphs. Results were synthetized using thematic analysis which was conducted from 14 components, based on human needs for categorized nursing activities. Mobile phone apps were assessed for quality using the System Usability Scale.


A total of 15 mobile phone apps were identified applying inclusion and exclusion criteria. Five major themes were identified with thematic analysis: multi-component DLA, communication and feelings, recreation, eating and drinking, and movement. Most of the apps (73%) of the apps were not mentioned in scientific literature.


There are many mobile phone apps available in mobile phone markets for the support for people with mild dementia; yet only a few of them are focused on challenges in daily life activities. Most of the available apps were not evaluated nor assessed for quality.


Please cite as:

Cilar L, Gosak L, Briggs A, Čuček Trifkovič K, McClelland T, Fijačko N, Gregor

Mobile phone apps’ support for people with mild dementia: A systematic review

JMIR Preprints. 17/06/2019:15066

DOI: 10.2196/preprints.15066


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