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Currently submitted to: JMIR mHealth and uHealth

Date Submitted: Dec 17, 2019
Open Peer Review Period: Dec 17, 2019 - Feb 11, 2020
(currently open for review)

Towards earlier diagnosis in rheumatology using combined eHealth tools: The JPAST Project

  • Johannes Knitza; 
  • Rachel Knevel; 
  • Karim Raza; 
  • Tor Bruce; 
  • Ekaterina Eimer; 
  • Isabel Gehring; 
  • Linda Mathsson-Alm; 
  • Maryam Poorafshar; 
  • Axel J Hueber; 
  • Georg Schett; 
  • Martina Johannesson; 
  • Anca Catrina; 
  • Lars Klareskog; 
  • JPAST Group; 


Outcomes of patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases have significantly improved over the last three decades, mainly due to therapeutic innovations, more timely treatment and a recognition of the need to monitor response to treatment and to titrate treatments accordingly. A major challenge for all stakeholders remains diagnostic delay. The combination of eHealth, serologic and genetic markers holds greats promise to improve the current management of patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases by speeding up access to appropriate care. The Joint Pain Assessment Scoring Tool (JPAST) project, funded by the European Union (EU) European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health program is a unique European project aiming to enable and accelerate personalized precision medicine for early treatment in rheumatology, ultimately also enabling prevention. The aim of the project is to facilitate this while at the same time reducing cost for society and patients.


Please cite as:

Knitza J, Knevel R, Raza K, Bruce T, Eimer E, Gehring I, Mathsson-Alm L, Poorafshar M, Hueber AJ, Schett G, Johannesson M, Catrina A, Klareskog L, JPAST Group

Towards earlier diagnosis in rheumatology using combined eHealth tools: The JPAST Project

JMIR Preprints. 17/12/2019:17507

DOI: 10.2196/preprints.17507


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