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Mobile Sensing and Support for People With Depression: A Pilot Trial in the Wild

Mobile Sensing and Support for People With Depression: A Pilot Trial in the Wild

Mobile Sensing and Support for People With Depression: A Pilot Trial in the Wild

Frontiers in Psychology

The Digital Phenotyping Project: A Psychoanalytical and Network Theory Perspective

BMC Public Health

Run4Love, a mHealth (WeChat-based) intervention to improve mental health of people living with HIV: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Gesundheit digital

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JMIR mHealth and uHealth

Utilization of Smartphones’ Depth Mapping Cameras for the App-based Grading of Facial Movement Disorders: Design and Development (Preprint)
Passive Sensing of Health Outcomes Through Smartphones: Systematic Review of Current Solutions and Possible Limitations
Comparing the Data Quality of Global Positioning System Devices and Mobile Phones for Assessing Relationships Between Place, Mobility, and Health: Field Study
Mobile Phone Detection of Semantic Location and Its Relationship to Depression and Anxiety
Using Passive Smartphone Sensing for Improved Risk Stratification of Patients With Depression and Diabetes: Cross-Sectional Observational Study
Depression Prediction by Using Ecological Momentary Assessment, Actiwatch Data, and Machine Learning: Observational Study on Older Adults Living Alone
A Library of Analytic Indicators to Evaluate Effective Engagement with Consumer mHealth Apps for Chronic Conditions: Scoping Review
Smartphone Apps for the Treatment of Mental Disorders: Systematic Review

Journal of Biomedical Informatics

User acceptance of location-tracking technologies in health research: Implications for study design and data quality
Systematic review of smartphone-based passive sensing for health and wellbeing
Mental health ubiquitous monitoring supported by social situation awareness: A systematic review

Ethics of Innovation in Neurosurgery

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Journal of Healthcare Engineering

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in m-Health: A Healthcare System Perspective

Ethical Dimensions of Commercial and DIY Neurotechnologies

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JMIR Mental Health

Mobile Phone and Wearable Sensor-Based mHealth Approaches for Psychiatric Disorders and Symptoms: Systematic Review
Data-Driven Learning in High-Resolution Activity Sampling From Patients With Bipolar Depression: Mixed-Methods Study
Predicting Social Anxiety From Global Positioning System Traces of College Students: Feasibility Study
The Effortless Assessment of Risk States (EARS) Tool: An Interpersonal Approach to Mobile Sensing
Clinical Insight Into Latent Variables of Psychiatric Questionnaires for Mood Symptom Self-Assessment
Tracking and Predicting Depressive Symptoms of Adolescents Using Smartphone-Based Self-Reports, Parental Evaluations, and Passive Phone Sensor Data: Development and Usability Study

Digitale Transformation von Dienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen VI

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JMIR Research Protocols

Social Support and Common Dyadic Coping in Couples' Dyadic Management of Type II Diabetes: Protocol for an Ambulatory Assessment Application
Data Collection for Mental Health Studies Through Digital Platforms: Requirements and Design of a Prototype

Journal of Medical Internet Research

Technological State of the Art of Electronic Mental Health Interventions for Major Depressive Disorder: Systematic Literature Review
Smartphone-Based Monitoring of Objective and Subjective Data in Affective Disorders: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? Systematic Review
Toward the Design of Evidence-Based Mental Health Information Systems for People With Depression: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis
Intelligent Sensing to Inform and Learn (InSTIL): A Scalable and Governance-Aware Platform for Universal, Smartphone-Based Digital Phenotyping for Research and Clinical Applications

Current Psychiatry Reports

Review of Use and Integration of Mobile Apps Into Psychiatric Treatments
Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health and Mental Illnesses: an Overview

BMC Psychology

PEACH, a smartphone- and conversational agent-based coaching intervention for intentional personality change: study protocol of a randomized, wait-list controlled trial

JMIR Formative Research

The Relationship Between Smartphone-Recorded Environmental Audio and Symptomatology of Anxiety and Depression: Exploratory Study


Consequences of Recurrence of Major Depressive Disorder: Is Stopping Effective Antidepressant Medications Ever Safe?

International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks

Mobile sensing for behavioral research: A component-based approach for rapid deployment of sensing campaigns

Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Science

Grant Report on SCH: Personalized Depression Treatment Supported by Mobile Sensor Analytics


Gamification as an approach to improve resilience and reduce attrition in mobile mental health interventions: A randomized controlled trial
Development and evaluation of a mobile-optimized daily self-rating depression screening app: A preliminary study

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Digital Phenotyping to Quantify Psychosocial Well-Being Trajectories After Spinal Cord Injury


Smartphone Sensors for Health Monitoring and Diagnosis
Recognizing Context-Aware Human Sociability Patterns Using Pervasive Monitoring for Supporting Mental Health Professionals
Passive Sensing of Prediction of Moment-To-Moment Depressed Mood among Undergraduates with Clinical Levels of Depression Sample Using Smartphones

GetMobile: Mobile Computing and Communications

Bio-Behavioral Sensing

Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies

Leveraging Routine Behavior and Contextually-Filtered Features for Depression Detection among College Students
Predicting Brain Functional Connectivity Using Mobile Sensing
Tracking Depression Dynamics in College Students Using Mobile Phone and Wearable Sensing

Perspektiven des Dienstleistungsmanagements

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Frontiers in Psychiatry

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European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience

Smartphone applications for depression: a systematic literature review and a survey of health care professionals’ attitudes towards their use in clinical practice

Psychiatric Nonadherence

{ "doi": "10.2196/mhealth.5960", "book_cite": { "fl_count": "0", "isbn": [ { "type": "print", "$t": "978-3-030-12664-3" }, { "type": "electronic", "$t": "978-3-030-12665-0" } ], "volume_title": "Psychiatric Nonadherence", "contributors": { "contributor": [ { "first-author": "true", "sequence": "first", "contributor_role": "author", "given_name": "Sourav", "surname": "Sengupta" }, { "first-author": "false", "sequence": "additional", "contributor_role": "author", "given_name": "Michael", "surname": "Adragna" } ] }, "first_page": "201", "year": "2019", "publication_type": "full_text", "component_number": "Chapter 14", "doi": { "type": "book_content", "$t": "10.1007/978-3-030-12665-0_14" } } }

Current Opinion in Psychology

Privacy in the age of psychological targeting

Psychological Medicine

Machine learning in mental health: a scoping review of methods and applications

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mobile App-Based Stress-Management Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Considerations for Designing Context-Aware Mobile Apps for Mental Health Interventions

Procedia Computer Science

Prediction of stress levels with LSTM and passive mobile sensors

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

Development and testing of iAware model for ubiquitous care of patients with symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

npj Digital Medicine

Toward clinical digital phenotyping: a timely opportunity to consider purpose, quality, and safety

Korean Journal of Stress Research

Mobile Health (m-health) on Mental Health

Intelligent Data Sensing and Processing for Health and Well-Being Applications

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Clinical Therapeutics

What Can Big Data Offer the Pharmacovigilance of Orphan Drugs?

Mental Health and Physical Activity

Smartphone-based passive assessment of mobility in depression: Challenges and opportunities

Psychotherapy Research

A scoping review of machine learning in psychotherapy research

Telematics and Informatics

Gamification and serious games in depression care: A systematic mapping study

International Journal of Bipolar Disorders

Smartphones in mental health: a critical review of background issues, current status and future concerns


Évaluation des troubles thymiques par l’étude des données passives : le concept de phénotype digital à l’épreuve de la culture de métier de psychiatre

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Linking physical and social environments with mental health in old age: a multisensor approach for continuous real-life ecological and emotional assessment

Depression and Anxiety

The accuracy of passive phone sensors in predicting daily mood
There is an app for that! The current state of mobile applications (apps) for DSM-5 obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and mood disorders

Journal of Affective Disorders

The utility of smartphone-based, ecological momentary assessment for depressive symptoms

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry

Objective smartphone data as a potential diagnostic marker of bipolar disorder

Nursing Outlook

The potential of digital phenotyping to advance the contributions of mobile health to self-management science